Waste plastics are the next “Gold Rush” – Will you stake your

So let’s turn this thing around by asking ourselves “What do
I want for the future for myself?” What do I want for the future for my
family?” and “What do I want for the future – period!?”

If you can answer all this by saying – “All’s good! Someone
out there will fix everything!” – You’re deluding yourself.

You have to take control but you can have a bit of fun while
you’re doing so.

Here’s where The EcoReef Project comes in.

The EcoReef Project operates on three major fronts at this
stage –

Keeping our waterways clean

Protecting fish habitats

Reducing plastic waste

To reduce plastics in our waterways, we’re going to develop
ways for anyone to earn a modest or second income.

We will share every detail with everyone at no cost so
people who need a small income can start up and get going.

Even kids can earn a few bucks and enjoy doing so.

We’ll start small and scale up as we go.

All you have to do is stay tuned and we’ll show you how to
get started.

The world will be a better place if we do it together! 

The EcoReef
Project | Facebook

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