About The EcoReef Project

Our aim is to convince the public to find ways to use waste
plastics by proving that they have value.

We are doing our experiments in miniature, testing, and then

Just to introduce The EcoReef Project, to follow is a post
based on a pic of waste plastics in our waterways –

“What if I told you that inside this pile of rubbish is
a binding agent that is more effective than most adhesives, has no pollution,
uses minimal energy, and can be a great ally in our fight against pollution –
Would you stay tuned?

The EcoReef Project focuses on

•             using
heated plastics from waste plastic bags

•             to bind
timber and rubble

•             to create
land and water reefs

•             to assist
with controlling erosion  and

•             to
improve fish habitat

We will be introducing EcoReefs soon for anyone to use at no
cost to them including ways for people to make a modest income from using
EcoReefs in their own backyards

EcoReefs are seriously ugly. Everything we can do in our
backyard testing grounds can’t change that fact and we make no apology!”

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