At The EcoReef Project, we believe that all life forms are precious and need to be protected.

We also believe that “smoke and mirrors” have been used to distract us from the real stresses that we put our wildlife through in order that expedience be achieved.

The recent debacle of the case of a wild bird in the comfort of the care and love of a dog that it adored incensed the world, and rightly so, as it should never have happened. The miserable episode embarrassed a nation, however, out of it came the realization that we as citizens are being constantly manipulated regardless of the collateral damage.

We feel that it is time to examine the case for and against caring for wildlife within a home. This is by no means a new idea, however, it is a concept that has been manipulated to the point where it has become a point of contention to the detriment of all concerned.

The debate must be approached without histrionics, and without abuse, as has been the case to date.

The EcoReef Project team must admit that we have a bias for allowing individuals to care for wild animals within their homes, rather than against the practice. We will however respect all views and present others’ opinions as we will our own.

We appreciate fully that this subject is contentious. We understand that within each camp there are differing opinions. We know that discussion escalates to argument in the blink of an eye. However, while we’re postulating, species are being declared extinct.

Because we are based in Australia, you will excuse us for kicking off the debate discussing the fate of Australian animals & especially endangered animals. We have the dubious distinction of rendering most mammals extinct and it’s a cloak that fits uncomfortably.

We will encourage debate and invite discussion about the animals of the entire world – we promise.


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