The EcoReef Project is focused on finding real solutions to our environmental problems. 

For too long, we’ve been wringing our hands and pointing fingers at anyone or anything that appears to do the wrong thing to our environment.

What we seem to find hard to do is to offer ways to fix what’s already been done.

No longer.

There are magnificent brains among us with answers to so many questions but for reasons only known to themselves, they have not come forward. 

The EcoReefProject is a platform for all brilliant minds to share their brilliant ideas and then other brilliant people can put those ideas into action for the good of all. 


is our way of showing the world how to use every scrap of everything around us that is usually considered waste, to create a sustainable living economy with first, second, and third income streams for anyone who needs them.

Stay tuned. 

Login to our website or Blog – You may find a way to make an enjoyable living with a very small environmental footprint. 

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