“Platypus habitat in Penrith threatened by Sydney Water’s plans to fix eroded bank, conservationists say”

“Conservationists believe Sydney Water plans to build concrete walls on both sides of the creek.” (ABC News)

The Concrete Toxicity

We Need Better Options For All Australian Wildlife & Not Just A Concrete Fix

Concrete is NOT the answer. Long-term concrete is a highly destructive influence on waterways and health in general – For the Platypus and for all other aquatic fauna and flora as well as for humanity.

There are natural alternatives and YES! These can last for a hundred years plus while they promote life and clean waterways. Neither of which concrete is capable of.

See The EcoReef Project before you allow any rash decisions to harm these creatures.
There are alternative solutions that can be tested NOW without harm and WITHOUT COST.

The footprint of an EcoReef is gentle – They can be tested in a similar waterway close to the canal in question IMMEDIATELY – Then if they work you can have a fair decision-making process.
Remember! It is not up to Sydney Water or any other authority anywhere, anymore to make life decisions that may cause further depletion of threatened species such as the Platypus.
The Platypus belongs to the world – Don’t play games with their environment.
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  2. Thanks for the reply – It is such an issue and concrete does not fix everything

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