Australia’s chief veterinary officer Beth Cookson on Sunday confirmed a “low” number of sheep onboard had died but did not provide an exact figure.” (ABC)

WTF is a “LOW NUMBER” Ms Cookson? 

Get the vets to take their socks off if they need more digits. 

Is this a case of “Don’t worry about it dear you’ll understand when you grow up!”

We are NOT KIDS.

This issue is contentious enough without the public being patronized. 

The case is a shambles.

Just get the poor buggers off the ship.

It’s stinking and stinking hot and they don’t deserve to cook slowly in their own excrement. 

#anthonyalbanese #bethcookson #animalcruelty 

2 responses to ““‘Low number’ of animals dead on board live export ship MV Bahijah, federal government yet to decide fate of livestock . . .””

  1. very interesting with a bit of humour!

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