We will present a series of videos on how to make and use EcoReefs by using nature’s way of repairing the damage that we’ve done and that we continue to do.
We will also present videos and info on happenings around the world in this space. So please log in and then join The EcoReef Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook because together we can turn the river around.
Our passion is to assist anyone around the world at no cost to them to play a part in restoring a clean and healthy environment.
The EcoReef Project is an attempt to have an immediate effect on the protection of aquatic habitats and fish breeding grounds, preventing plastic pollution and assisting with soil erosion control.
Mangroves are the lifeblood of our waterways and there are many who work tirelessly to restore them. However, restoration takes time – a luxury we don’t have while our waterways are choking.
Whilst Mangroves take many years to get to maturity, EcoReefs, which are Virtual Mangroves, take a few minutes to construct and just a few days to become productive.
… sometimes nature can do with a little help protecting precious Mangroves.
Our team has limited resources and limited space for testing however, our modus operandi is -SHRINK, RE-THINK, TEST, and UPSIZE to turn the river back the way it was. In other words, we shrink the problem and possible solutions to table-top size, re-think and re-work each aspect, test each methodology to the best of our ability, and then launch it to the world to be used and tested in real size and in real time by those who can benefit the most.
We need your help to get the message to the world.

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