Sydney Seal - Photo Taken By Mike Fernandes

Ooowaaahh! They’re right!

There definitely are some seriously big creatures down
there, just minding their own business dodging bags and bottles and toxins and
microplastics as they float out to sea.

So are they interested in biting off your fiddly bits? Nyetchhhh!

You’re quite safe undressed in natural pink or beige or
brown – Whatever!

However! But! There are millions of micro nasties down there
NOT minding their own business that can damage your doodle dumps and more.

We as humans can’t fix toxics with any of the killer cocktails
we’ve designed even though that’s how they came to be in the first place.

The only way to safeguard our crown jewels and our future is
to give nature a helping hand to clean up our mess.

Login to The EcoReef Project and join our LinkedIn group for
all the current info on the many natural ways we can keep our waterways clean
enough for all of the world’s most beautiful creatures and us too!

Ps This magnificent superstar performed for us right in the
middle of Sydney Harbour today and blew us away!

Sydney Seal – Photo Taken By Mike Fernandes

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