We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Daphne from Daphne’s Corner, an expert Unveiling the Kokedama EcoReef. She brought her expertise and passion to a unique phase of EcoReef development.
Kokedama, a Japanese technique that involves enclosing a plant within a moss-covered ball of earth, has significant potential to aid in the protection of young plants. This method bears a striking resemblance to our EcoReefs, with one key difference: while Kokedamas are standalone entities, EcoReefs feature external branches that interlock with other EcoReefs. These branches penetrate the soil, providing a firm hold that enables plants to establish their roots.
This approach is central to the EcoReef strategy of combating soil erosion, fostering plant growth, and creating safe habitats for diverse life forms. As demonstrated by Daphne’s skilled craftsmanship, the moss ball forms a protective layer around our twigs, safeguarding new roots while still allowing the outer twigs to extend, grip, and facilitate the creation of a multi-unit EcoReef.
The Kokedama EcoReefs serve a dual purpose: they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden, adding an element of intrigue, or they can be employed to restore deforested native forests. Regardless of their application, Kokedama EcoReefs are a potent and effective tool in our ongoing efforts to safeguard our delicate environment.
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