Frogs for the future

Let’s talk about re-stocking our frog population and why we

Frogs are quite simply the unsung heroes of our fight to
protect our environment – They are an indicator of the health of the various
local ecosystems.

Tadpoles, as you know, are slippery little baby frogs before
they grow up and land on a plate in a French Restaurant – I’m kidding.

Leafy suburbs usually had the benefit of streams which in
turn had frogs in them.

With our current land clearing circus, we’re saving fewer
and fewer leafy suburbs and most of our frogs have croaked.

At the EcoReef Project, we’ve set up a frog re-populating
program and we’re going gang-busters.

This little test tank has literally thousands of the
slippery little suckers and we love ‘em.

We’re going to keep taking heaps of these little beauties
down to any streams we can, with the objective of hearing their funky voices in
synch with cicadas.



Frogs and weed congestion and pumps which need to keep
pumping without weed congestion.

EcoReefs can fix the issues for all concerned.

We can start now without huge budgets, in fact, with NO
budgets, and without any red tape to stop us.

Do you have frogs or tadpoles – Let us know how they grow and develop into what happens next

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