“An EcoReef is a bundle of twisted branches and rocks bound tightly

then stacked with others to form a Bio-Diverse Haven.”

needs a helping hand to protect Mangroves for us humans

What is an

In its simplest form, an EcoReef is a collection of organic
material such as twisted branches, as well as rocks and rubble bound together
with a long-lasting binder. This combination forms a protective ‘cave’ to
protect flora and fauna from inception through the juvenile stage until they
can fend for themselves.

Twisted branches and organic material lock
together to form a meshed surface for living organisms to adhere to

Rocks weight branches for stability

Binders ensure that rocks and branches stay together
long enough for nature to take over

Single EcoReefs lock together with other reefs
to form an enclave for  biodiversity to

Why do we
need EcoReefs?

Due to our primal fears, we have cleared our sloping lands
and created water ‘slides’ that have eroded all in their path taking everything
to the waters’ edge and on into the deep.  
We can reverse the effects of erosion, land degradation and loss of fish

by terrace farming slopes,

promoting seepage through fissures around roots

thereby retaining rain water underground

strategically damming so as not to affect
catchment, and

Putting bends back in rivers to promote

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