They say coral reefs are
among the most diverse, ever-changing and valuable ecosystems on Earth. They
provide a massive habitat for millions of marine plants and animal species.
They add support for better living to millions of people and also protect
coastlines from erosion and storms. However, on the negative side, coral reefs
are also facing unprecedented threats from climate change, overfishing,
pollution, and disease.

One interesting and
major way we can help is to conserve and restore coral reefs through eco-design, this means that we create products, structures or systems that are
environmentally friendly, long term and beneficial for both humans and nature
to continue and survive. The eco-design has lots of different areas in this one
idea that can be applied to artificial reefs, which are man-made structures that
mimic or rebuild natural reefs and provide substrate, shelter, structure and
food for marine life. Artificial reefs are also great to help with coastal
protection, community projects, tourism, and fisheries.

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