Ecology in a river system is important because it affects the biodiversity, productivity, structure and health of the aquatic and terrestrial environments that grow & live in it.

The river systems are vital for the life and health of our planet. They support a rich biology & diversity of plants, animals, and microorganisms that interact with each other and their environment. These interactions form the river ecology, which is the study of how living and non-living structures and components of a river affect each other. River ecology is very important because it helps us understand and protect the benefits that rivers provide to humans and other flora & fauna to survive. Some of the basic benefits are water supply, habitats, food production, energy generation, climate regulation, and recreation. River  & lake ecology also helps us identify and address the threats that rivers face from pollution, overexploitation, habitat loss, invasive species, and climate change. By learning about river ecology, we can appreciate the beauty and complexity of river systems and their role in sustaining life on Earth for many years .



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